Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas morning started around 7:30 a.m.  Everyone was very excited, but they could not open anything until we had Bible time.  If you are hungry do not read any further.  Andrew received a new tripod for Christmas and tried it out during our breakfast.  Somehow he managed to stay out of the cook's way.
 Canadian bacon sizzles for the breakfast bagel sandwiches.
 Made-to-order bagels from Manhattan Bagel shop.  Delicious!!!
 Thomas gets ready to dig in to his breakfast. 
 Heidi and Claire prepare name tags for Christmas dinner.  Doesn't she have a pretty smile?
 Grandpop has a great smile, too. 
 This is a rare photo.  Grandmom does not let us get too many shots of her.  She had a great Christmas day.

Without Monty who knows how the day would have turned out.  We all love Monty.

Do you see where Monty's tongue is? 

 Here they are by the green wall at Longwood Gardens.  What a fun night!
Me and My Man

 Orchids were particularly special.  Poinsettias made the night and winter poinsettias filled the children's garden

Claire with her dad by the puzzle Christmas tree.

We went to Longwood Gardens spur of the moment and had a ball. The children loved the lights, organ concert, and Christmas decorations. A kind women volunteered to take a photo of all of us. Going at night is a totally different effect.  Next year come with us.

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