Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Acitivities

David, Sarah and Heidi, the dissecting team.

The dissecting team in progress. WARNING: You are about to look at gross photos.

Stomach contents of a frog: two beetles and part of a grasshopper (This stomach belongs to Andrew, Stephen and Isaac's dissecting team)

Claire, the actress, was captured on camera by Heidi.

A Bit of Fresh Air: Thomas was stuck in our backyard tree.

Heidi enjoys swinging on the home-made swing.

Brother and Sister are friends forever -- what every parent wants.

Andrew's Quest to be in the Guinness World Book of Records. Can you guess what his goal is?

Sunday afternoon, Andrew asked Heidi to measure how long his bubbles were. Heidi took a second photo of Andrew's large bubble. It was probably six inches in diameter.

Keep following. It gets bigger.

POP! Finally, after much toilsome blowing the bubble burst all over his face. He, of course, started laughing. He blames it on Heidi, because of her funny faces when she goes to measure it. Who knows if this is really true. His quest still continues. You should have seen the one he blew the other day. It was bigger than his head. Grandmom almost popped it on him.