Saturday, October 29, 2011

Do you ever read your Bible and wonder how Moses, Samuel, David, Paul and many others knew what God wanted them to do?  Do you ever think that you could know just like them what God wants you to do?  I certainly have wondered.  I know God does the same thing today. I have two stories to share with you regarding these things.  Story #1 follows:

One day this summer I had to go shopping for an appliance.  My assignment was to price the appliance at four different stores: Home Depot, Best Buy, hhgregg, and Lowe's.    I knew I was not going to buy anything.  On my way out of the first store, I asked a gentleman for directions on how to get to Best Buy.  The gentleman politely gave me directions.  As I turned to get in my car, I thought to give him a tract.  The only problem was I didn't have one on me.   I rummaged through the glove compartment and found one too late to give it to the man who gave me directions.  Disappointed I drove to Best Buy.

At Best Buy I was able to talk to a sales person.  She was most helpful.  I left her a tract with the good news.  Then it was off to hhgregg.  I took my notes in that store and left.   As I was getting in the car, I saw the same gentleman that gave me directions at Home Depot.  I said to myself, "Lord, I know you want me to give that man a tract."  I drove up to his car to catch him and hand him a tract.  Unfortunately, he drove off before I could catch up to him.  I was certain that was the man I was supposed to give a tract to but he turned left in the parking lot, and I had to go right.  My children were encouraging me to hand the man a tract, too.  I didn't want to deviate from my route because I wasn't really sure where I was going.  I went to Lowe's.  We walked in the door and stopped to figure out which direction the appliance department was located.  We turned around, and who do you think was walking in the door behind us?  It was the kind gentleman who gave us directions.  With confidence we walked up to him, smiled, and said, "I think the Lord wants me to give this to you."  He thanked me, opened the tract, starting reading it, turned around, and walk out of the store reading the tract.   We were astonished at his response.  He didn't even turn around to come back in the store and look for what he wanted.  I don't know what happened to the man, but one thing is certain: he definitely was interested in what was in the tract.  Praise God He used me. 

God is very clearly talking to His people today.  We just have to listen.

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