Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Too Trivial?

Sometimes we neglect to make a simple request.  Sometimes we just don't think of it.  I wonder how many times I have missed the blessing because I didn't ask. 

Frank came home late in the evening only to discover he lost his check book.  Like most of us that meant he wouldn't be able to sleep well until he found it.  He and I searched everywhere we thought it could possibly be to no avail.  I called the doctor's office where he was in an attempt to see if he left the check book in the office.  Because of the late hour no one answered.  Finally, we sat at the kitchen table and prayed for help.  (We should have done that from the very beginning.)  It was just a short prayer, and in the middle of his prayer a quick thought came into my mind:  "in the light you will find it."  (In my mind that thought took me to the next thought "in the morning you will find it.")  Immediately upon saying "amen" to his prayer, a knock was at our front door. 

Who knocks at your door at 10 p.m.?  Looking out the front window, we saw it was a man.  Frank, my protector, opened the door as I stood behind him a little nervous.  Phew!  It was our neighbor.  He knocked to let us know we left the lighst on in our car and thought it might run the battery low if left all night.  We thanked him, and he continued walking his dog.  Frank went to take care of the problem, and then that thought, "in the light you will find it," came to mind.  I encouraged Frank to look through the car one more time.  Sure enough he found the book between the console on the passenger side of the car.  It must have slid while he was driving. 

Even before we asked God was working in our neighbor to act on our behalf.  What a wonderful God we serve.  He desires to meet our simple requests.  Nothing is too trivial for Him. 

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