Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Who Can Change $1?

All too familiar to all of us is the rising cost of everything; everything, that is, except our paychecks.  Remember the "change we can believe in?"  Try going four years without a raise,or how about a pay decrease.  (No change in our pockets.)  That's what we were looking at during the time of this story.

In October 2012 the mayor of our city announced he was going to give city workers a raise to cover the rising cost of health care.  When January rolled around and we received the pay stub, we were $60 behind our initial pay cut.  Some raise you say.  Well, we were still thankful that we were not behind even more, but we did scratch our heads wondering how creative we could be this year.  True to form the new year also brings resolutions.

My husband likes to give the Lord more money than the year before as a thanksgiving offering.  This year was no different, but he was struggling with how much to give.  He told the Lord he was going to give just one dollar more each pay.  The very week he implemented his decision a letter came in the mail from the city congratulating him.  The letter shockingly stated that he would not have to pay any money for his healthcare for the entire 2013 year.  The city would assume the costs.  Praise be to God!

To us it is so clear that God blessed his faith.  It is just too wonderful. I don't need to believe in "change," rather I need to believe in my God.

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