Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Have a Good Day!

"And lead us not . . . ."  How often do we really want to be lead?  How often do we think to let God do the leading?  Does he really lead?

In Jesus model prayer he tells us to pray for guidance.  Have you ever been presented with the dilemma of wishing to share the good news with a stranger, but not knowing which person is the right one? Such a situation was the case for my husband last week.  He only had one gospel tract left and wanted it to go to the right person.  He whispered a quick prayer that went something like this:  "Show me who I should share this good news with, Lord."  Moments later he saw a lady walking her dog.  At first he said, "I think I already gave her a tract," but as she approached him he knew it was a different lady.  As they crossed paths, they exchanged pleasantries and at the end of their short conversation she said, "Have a good day."  At that moment my husband knew what the Lord was saying.  He pulled out the above tract in the photo out of his pocket, and as he handed it to her he said with full assurance, "Funny you should say that.  'Have a Good day!'"

God will lead if we let Him.  Praise the Lord for answered prayer.

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