Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A New Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

I am delighted to give all the details to this story. I have wonderful neighbors. In fact, many of my neighbors I have known since childhood. Mr. M is a neighbor I have known since I was a little girl. For many years I would only say or wave hello to him as a courtesy. The Christmas season of 2010, Mr. M was invited to my family’s annual Christmas concert in my home. To my pleasure and surprise, Mr. M came to the concert and heard to plain and simple truth of the gospel. Since that time my door has remained open to Mr. M.
In March of this year, Mr. M was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Naturally I was saddened to hear such dreadful news. What could I say to him? What could I do for him? I started to pray for him asking the Lord God Almighty to help him through this difficult situation. I sent him a note offering to help him with anything he might need. He graciously thanked me for both, but I knew he would never wish to “bother” me with his troubles.
I started to pray for Mr. M. almost every day. At first my prayer was for God’s help through the situation, but then the prayer changed to asking God to heal Mr. M of his cancer. (May I add, this is not normally how I pray for people with cancer.) In May I made an entry in my prayer journal stating this, and I went to my neighbor across the street, Mr. S, and told him how I was praying for Mr. M to be healed. I am quite sure Mr. S thinks I’m a nut; nevertheless, I am sure that God through scripture reading and prayer was telling me to ask Him to heal Mr. M. Mr. S told me that the doctors thought there might be a way they could treat Mr. M with a cancer treatment. My family and I started to pray openly for Mr. M to be healed.
Toward the end of June, Mr. M came up to me to tell me how his cancer treatments was going. He said the cancer appeared to be shrinking, but the doctors were not giving him much hope. I told him that my prayer had changed to ask God to heal him completely of his cancer. He told me to keep praying. My family and I kept praying. In the beginning of July, the prayer for Mr. M changed again: “Please heal Mr. M supernaturally so that he cannot mistake his healing but for an act of God.” I became certain God would answer this petition so much so that I made a new entry in my prayer journal stating that I know God will show Himself strong on Mr. M’s behalf.
On Saturday, September 3, 2011, I woke up and said to my husband, “I think we should visit Mr. M today and take a chocolate bar to him.” He was very agreeable and asked when would be a good time. We both thought the afternoon would be a better time to go. The morning was filled with chores that had to be completed. After lunch was over my mom entered the house and said, “You’ll never guess who is outside.” Of course I couldn’t guess, but you can. Yes. It was Mr. M, and he was standing on Mr. S’ porch. What did I do? I went to my husband and asked him to go over and see how Mr. M was doing. Mr. M was happy to report his progress. In fact he reported in front of Mr. S that he was cancer free!
My husband brought him over to our home. He gave me the fabulous news himself. I was able to share with him how we confidently prayed for him and presented him with his chocolate bar. The doctors “dismissed” Mr. M. The doctors are still busy partying. The doctors are not even sure what they did right for my neighbor. Mr. M admits that God did supernaturally heal him. He told me how his team of doctors came for different hospitals, and how they worked amazingly together. He told me how perfectly things seemed to be timed. He told me when his surgeon went in to scrap out the cancer that was shrinking, he couldn’t do it because there was no cancer there to scrap. The doctor took 17 somethings (I want to say lymph nodes, but I’m not sure.) out of him, and all 17 tested negative for cancer. God did a miracle! Mr. M is cancer free. I still pray for Mr. M and Mr. S to trust Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I plan on putting a post script to this entry in the future, but for now what magnificent and astonishing news! I am certain God is not through with either man. Obviously God is still working in men today. I look forward to reporting a newer extra, extra, read all about it in the future.

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